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Care Rooted in Compassion

We started Serenity Bay to transform impersonal hospice care into customized support as authentic as the patients we serve. Having seen families struggle alone through confusing end-of-life systems, we provide caring guidance when it matters most.

Our mission revolves around providing relief, connections, and comfort that matter. We treat the whole person - prioritizing clinical excellence and dignity alongside emotional and spiritual support tailored to our patients' values.

Dr. Nalini Singh


Dr. Nalini Singh is a compassionate and dedicated internal medicine physician who has made a significant impact in the field of healthcare over the last 16 years. Driven by her passion for improving the quality of life for patients facing life-limiting illnesses, she recognized the need for specialized care that focuses on comfort, support, and dignity while also creating an environment where families feel loved and supported.  

With a strong desire to provide holistic care to patients during their most vulnerable moments, Dr. Singh has embarked on a remarkable journey to establish this hospice. She founded this hospice with the primary purpose of creating a safe haven for patients and their families, providing a serene and loving environment where they can find solace and peace.

Dr. Nalini Singh

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